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The UK (United Kingdom) is one of the oldest and royal cultures known for safety education and training. The UK has become one of the top destinations to study around the world, is now the most popular destination for international students. We are leaving in 21st century and here everything is modify and faster our studies as well. LSOS, UK giving an opportunity to those students how wants to improve their knowledge and quality in profession.

Oil and gas employees with safety responsibilities should be properly trained to make sure they have the necessary knowledge and technical skills to assist safety managers and perform other duties. This qualification program will help students understand how safety supervisor responsibility supply to the oil and gas field, where it is important for safety concepts and thoughts to be targeted to onshore and offshore drilling. Emphasis is placed on going the knowledge and skills to assist in the establishment and management of a successful safety and health program.

Modules Name Modules code Eligibility criteria Total Fees
  • 1. Hazardous material & waste management
  • 2. Process safety analysis
  • 3. International health , safety and environmental practice
  • 4. Personal protective equipment for oil & gas industry
  • M05/OGSE01
  • M05/OGSE02
  • M05/OGSE03
  • M05/OGSE04
HNC,HND & any other education Rs. 13,222
( including study material and exam fees )